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What are the benefits of a topper?

6 Nov, 2023
Johnno van den Brink

More and more people are putting a topper on their mattress, but what are the benefits of a topper? And is a mattress topper good for your back? With a top cover mattress, you increase your sleeping comfort while also extending the life of your mattress. In addition, a topper can be good for your back, although this depends on the one.

What is a topper?

A topper looks like a normal mattress, only one that is much thinner. So you put this top mattress on top of the mattress, which provides more sleeping comfort. This is because the topper is actually an extra layer, often making the mattress even more comfortable.

A box spring set, especially in Scandinavian countries and in the Netherlands, is often equipped with an upholstered mattress on top of the bed base, in which case you also use it. With a regular bed set, you often lie on a mattress fitted with a normal mattress cover and no upholstered version, but it is therefore possible to add a top mattress. This is not always necessary because the mattress is sufficiently comfortable by itself. Especially in the Belgian market, you see the latter remarkably more and thus the topper is slightly less popular.

4 advantages of a topper

Now that you know what a topper is, you obviously want to know if it’s a good idea to buy such a top cover mattress. It is usually recommended due to the benefits below.

1. More comfortable sleep

The biggest plus of a topper is the higher sleeping comfort this thin mattress gives you. This is for a couple of reasons. First of all, you simply lie more comfortably on the top mattress than on your regular mattress. You then also lie on an extra layer.

In addition, it gently cushions your body’s pressure points. As a result, your back, neck and shoulders often suffer less. Naturally, this has a positive effect on your sleeping comfort. And when you sleep well, your mood and actually your overall condition improves when you wake up again.

2. No seam

Most double beds are made with two separate mattresses, creating a seam in the middle, which most people find annoying. This also often has a negative effect on your sleeping comfort. Solve this problem by buying a top mattress. In fact, a top mattress is the same size as your bed, but does not contain a seam.

So you can easily get rid of the gap in your bed by buying a top mattress, although you have to make sure it is big enough for your bed. Otherwise, you may still be annoyed by it.

3. Easy changing

Changing your bed is definitely not the most fun job, we can all agree. Yet this is a necessity. Fortunately, a topper makes changing a little easier. This is because with a top mattress, you only have to change the top part.

Additionally, it is nice that the top cover mattress is very light, especially compared to the mattress. This makes it easier to lift when changing your bed. Very handy!

4. Longer life of your mattress

There are other benefits, as a top cover mattress will also extend the life of your mattress. That may sound strange, yet it actually makes perfect sense. After all, you lie on the topper and therefore your mattress will have much less impact when you sweat or perspire, for example. Also, dirt and dust will not get on the mattress to a large extent, but rather on the top mattress.

So clean your top-deck mattress regularly. We therefore recommend that you choose a washable cover with a zipper. This allows you to easily remove the cover and put it in the wash. Or choose natural materials that regulate moisture so your top cover ventilates better, then regularly hang your top cover mattress in the wind and let it blow out well. Always use a mattress protector in conjunction with your mattress topper, this will keep your bed hygienic and fresh.

Is a topper good for your back?

Because of the above benefits, there are many people who choose to buy a top deck mattress. This is especially true for Belgians and Dutch who get up every morning with a sore back. You then obviously want to know if it’s for your back. Basically, this is the case if the top mattress adequately supports and cushions your body.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the right topper. We recommend that you choose a top mattress made of one of the following materials:

  • Memory foam: Many top mattresses are made of memory foam or NASA foam. This material molds to your body, improving the alignment of your back and neck. This will prevent back pain. Moreover, the nice thing about memory foam is that it seems to remember the shape of your body, so you experience this benefit every night. If you like to sink deep into a material, this is an excellent choice. Also, if you like to be warm, memory foam is the best choice.
  • Latex foam: Latex adapts nicely to your body shape. Therefore, a top mattress made of this material relieves your back pain fantastically. The excellent ventilation is also pleasant. Anyway, the material is relatively breathable. If you look at the core in detail, you usually see what are called “pin core” holes. These holes are distributed over the entire surface and are a remnant of the vulcanization or curing of these latex cores during production. Although sometimes they are also deliberate, retrofitted and even follow the contours of your body for more comfort and support.
  • Cold foam: Made from cold foam, they tend to be fairly firm, give a lot of freedom of movement and and become less warm around your body than memory foam. This makes this material suitable if you get hot easily or sweat a lot at night. Cold foam is also great for heavier people.

What is the added value of a topper?

A topper offers a lot of added value, especially for people who have a lot of back pain when they wake up in the morning on a bed that is too hard. This is because such a top mattress supports your body well and softens especially at the pressure points. Your sleeping comfort thus improves considerably.

Still, you don’t always need a topper, especially if you’re already lying on a good mattress. Below is an overview of whether or not to buy a top mattress.

Reasons to buy a loose topper thoughReasons not to buy a loose topper
A loose topper extends the life of the mattress.A loose topper is not a solution for an old or sagging mattress. You just have to buy a new mattress then.
With a loose top mattress, you won’t be bothered by the gap between your mattresses.A top mattress can shift, especially on a single bed.
The topper can improve your sleeping comfort, although it depends on your mattress.A topper is valuable, so it is not always necessary if you already have a high-quality mattress.

What are the benefits of a topper: Conclusion

All in all, we definitely recommend using a top cover mattress in conjunction with your current mattress. With a 3-piece or continental box spring you basically do this anyway, but if you have a bed with a slatted base you sometimes also do well to buy a top mattress. The overlay mattress ensures that you lie comfortably in bed again, which of course only benefits your sleep.

A topper gives more comfort to your mattress, an upgrade in other words. This is the case with a standard bed, but also with a box spring. Even if your mattress is brand new, a top mattress can still make you more comfortable on your bed.

A top mattress can possibly be used alone, but we do not recommend this. On the contrary, it is better to combine the topper with a mattress. You will get even more sleep comfort, which will benefit your sleep. Optionally, you can also use your mattress separately, but with a topper, your bed will lie even better.

If you want to increase your comfort because you often wake up with back pain in the morning, a topper can help. You must then buy the right top mattress, here you can consider one made of memory foam. The topper then molds to your body, improving the alignment of your neck and back. Do not invest in a topper when your mattress is old and worn. Invest in a new mattress.