Years of experience in the world of sleep comfort we would very much like to share with you. Not because we think we know everything, on the contrary. It has since become a passion to speak and write about sleep. The wonderful world of sleep continues to be explored day after day, month after month and year after year by neurologists, sleep scientists, product developers and technologists all over the world… And we love to collect and share that information because we “mind the bed”!

And we don’t do this alone, because behind the scenes there is a lot of preparation, reading and research and our texts take shape thanks to the expert help of a team of fine and skilled people! From students to experienced copy-writers, highly skilled colleagues from every field also regularly join us at our editorial table.

Ilona Migdalski is a Belgian copywriter, and engaging copywriting is her craft. If you get something out of it, she’s happy! She herself loves reading – how could it be otherwise – as well as sports and her family! As a mom of three teenagers, she knows how important a good night’s sleep is. Therefore, she brings out her writing talent to give you interesting tips and advice on wonderful sleep.

Marco Achtereekte is the driving force behind Alastor and represents Neves and Schlafmond in the BeNeLux sleep industry. In addition to being a father and partner, Marco has been on the road almost his entire working life as an independent contractor. As director, production manager and sales and marketing director. He likes to describe himself as a boy scout but is mostly a very well known name in the Netherlands (and beyond) when it comes to pillows and duvets.

Johnno van de Brink is a born SEO specialist and really enjoys biting into good content creation. He keeps us on our toes when it comes to SEO. Of course, as a young father, he knows full well how important sleep is.

As the founder and creator of this platform, I also like to introduce myself. I am Jürgen Swinnen and have been working in the sleep industry since 1994. My career began in the boom of waterbeds. A fantastic period where, having just graduated in business management and finance, I got to learn a lot in a strong growing company. After a while, as a young lad, I thought myself ripe for a bed store of my own. A particularly intense time during which I learned a great deal by trial and error. After all, a consumer looks at a bed or mattress differently than a manufacturer. Countless conversations, hundreds of opinions and very much experience richer, my interest in sleep and sleep products had really been piqued. A wonderful and mostly positive microbe that never left my body. This was followed by many apprenticeships with internationally known brand producers before landing back in Belgium in 2013. I went to work as an R&D manager and category manager at the very well-known sleep retailer Sleepy® in Belgium. By the way, since 2018, all Sleepy® products are available at Sleepworld in Belgium and the fantastic brand is also active far beyond the country’s borders. In recent years, my focus has been on product development, working as a product trainer and sales manager for Intres XP. Meanwhile, as a start-up writer for, I also write for Bedding Business, a trade magazine for professionals in the sleep industry. It is my dream to inform people as well as possible about sleep and especially sleep comfort. I love working with fun and experienced people who share this dream!