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How often should you replace a pillow?

25 May, 2024
Johnno van den Brink

You use your pillow about 7 to 8 hours every night. So it is an important thing in your life. But how often should you replace a pillow? And how can you tell if your pillow is still good to use? In this blog, we explain everything.

When should I replace my pillow?

The average lifespan of a pillow is between 2 to 3 years.

After this time, you should replace your pillow. Many people don’t know that a pillow only has such a relatively short lifespan. This is mainly due to the simple fact that you use it, almost every night, very intensively.

From a hygiene standpoint, it is also good to change your pillow regularly. You sweat, drool and breathe. And also your hair contains all kinds of products such as hair gel, dust and so on. Did you know that after just one week there are more bacteria on your pillowcase than on an average toilet seat? Really, we wrote about it in this article.

Replacing your pillow in a timely manner is also important for ergonomic reasons. This way you maintain correct support to the head, neck, and shoulders. If you experience neck pain after sleeping, replacing your pillow may offer a solution.

How to know if your pillow is still good

How do you know if a pillow is still good?

Maybe you don’t remember when you bought your pillow. Or you have a pillow you think will last a while longer. So how can you check if this cushion is still good?

There are a number of indicators as to why you can tell if your pillow is still good. You can check the following things to see if your pillow needs replacement:

  • There are many spots or a yellow rash?
  • You have to shake the pillow often?
  • The pillow is floppy? Put it on your hand for a moment, does it fall down? Then the support is gone!
  • You wake up with neck or back pain?

Doubting whether your pillow is still good? And do you often wake up with a sore neck or sore back? Then it’s not a bad idea to replace your pillow with a new one. When your pillow wears out, the ergonomic support to your neck and head disappears. As a result, you may suffer from neck or back pain more quickly.

Why a new pillow?

Replacing a pillow has a number of benefits that will help you sleep better. It can also prevent health problems. Below we have listed some of the reasons to replace your pillow:

  • Hygiene: After 2-3 years of intensive use, your pillow consists of about 15% dead skin cells. Also, oil from the skin and other dirt often cause your pillow to need replacement after 2-3 years. Especially if you don’t use a cushion protector.
  • Support: Your head cushion should provide proper support. After years of use, it will “sag” a bit, leaving your head and neck with insufficient support.
  • Neck pain: To prevent neck and back pain, replace your pillow on time. A worn-out pillow does not support enough, which can cause pain.
How long to sleep on a pillow

How long can you sleep on a pillow?

On average, you can sleep on a pillow for about 2 to 3 years. After that, your pillow usually needs replacement. You use your pillow every night, which is why its lifespan may be shorter than you expect.

Of course, how long you can sleep on your pillow also depends on the material and quality. Do you have a pillow of moderate quality? Then you may have to replace it rather than one of excellent quality. And if you really perspire a lot, then your pillow may also need replacing sooner.

Use a pillow protector, then your pillow is less likely to turn yellow anyway, and it often lasts longer. You will wash out the protector often, extending its life.

How do I choose a pillow?

Most people reading this article will think: 2 to 3 years, pooh, then I’ll have to replace mine soon! But how do I choose the best pillow? Not to worry, we have written a comprehensive blog to help you choose a pillow. Here are some quick tips in advance:

  1. Choose a pillow that suits your sleeping position.
  2. Choose more support if you have a higher body weight.
  3. Make sure your neck and spine are in a straight line in side-lying position.
  4. Choose the right material, such as a hypoallergenic pillow if you are allergic.


On average, it is best to replace your pillow after 2 to 3 years. Replacing your pillow on time is good for hygiene and support. You sleep on your pillow every night, so it is an important part of good sleep. When replacing your pillow, it is wise to do proper research. In other words, if you can, test your new pillow in the bed store beforehand and ask for enough information.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Kan een kussen verslijten?

Yes, your pillow loses support over time and also gets dirty. Therefore, it is a good idea to replace your pillow after 2-3 years.

Waarom wordt mijn kussen geel?

Hoe vaak was je een kussen?