Electric blanket

Electric blankets: the best way to save energy?

12 Aug, 2023
Jürgen Swinnen

Which are the best electric blankets to keep you warm in winter?

Heat blankets are becoming increasingly popular. They come in two varieties: under rugs and top rugs. The blankets consist of wires that generate heat when electric current is passed through them. This allows you to quickly enjoy a pre-heated bed. However, not everyone is equally enthusiastic about these blankets. After all, are they fireproof? And is it really the perfect solution to save energy?

An electric blanket is used to heat a bed. A synonym for this type of blanket is a heating blanket or heating blanket. Normally it takes a while for the bed to reach the right temperature. The advantage of this blanket is that it warms up the cold bed quickly and comfortably. They are available as electric underblankets and electric overhead blankets.

Electric underblanket

An electric underblanket is specifically designed for the bed. Place the blanket under your duvet and on your fitted sheet to pre-heat your bed. Turn the blanket on about 10 to 30 minutes before you go to sleep and enjoy a lovely pre-heated bed. Turn off the heating blanket when you go to sleep.

Electric top blanket

Electric top blankets are more like normal blankets. You can use this warming blanket when you are sitting on the couch, for example, and you get cold. The blanket gets instantly warm and can be easily wrapped around you like a fleece blanket.

How does an electric blanket work?

Electric under and over blankets work in much the same way. The blankets contain wires that generate heat when current flows through them. With most types, the heat is controlled by a temperature control or a timer that can be set to different settings, depending on whether you are a little or very cold.

Electric underblankets and upper blankets differ in terms of operation and placement. With under blankets, the heat comes from underneath. As a result, heat is retained by the mattress or blanket. In this way, electric underblankets retain more heat than electric top blankets.

An electric top blanket is used just like a normal blanket and placed over you. In this way, this blanket retains body heat and the heat generated. However, top blankets do retain less heat than bottom blankets because one side of the blanket is exposed to the colder ambient temperature.

Does an electric blanket affect my sleep quality?

Thanks to this solution, you make sure your bed is nice and warm before you go to sleep. However, it is not wise to go to sleep with the blanket. This, in fact, reduces the quality of your sleep.

Our sleep cycle is regulated by our circadian rhythm. This rhythm is based on input from your biological clock and is controlled through the brain. It actually works as a kind of internal body clock. This body clock receives signals from a number of factors, including exposure to light, diet and exercise.

Our body temperature also plays an important role in this. The core temperature of our body is around 37 degrees Celsius. To sleep, this temperature drops. As morning approaches, our bodies gradually warm up again. Our body temperature also plays an important role in this. The core temperature of our body is around 37 degrees Celsius.

Temperature is critical to healthy sleep

While sleeping, this temperature fluctuates by a few degrees. Our body temperature continues to drop during sleep until it reaches a low point in the early morning. As the morning progresses, this temperature gradually warms up. Too warm ambient temperatures while sleeping can disrupt this process and cause fatigue.

In fact, warm temperatures in the room increase body temperature. Even if you are physically and mentally tired, too hot a temperature can keep you from falling asleep. This affects not only falling asleep, but also sleep quality. Indeed, there has been shown to be an impact on deep sleep. Thus, our body temperature and ambient temperature play an important role for relaxed sleep.

Research has shown that the best bedroom temperature is about 18 degrees Celsius. However, this can vary slightly from person to person. Therefore, aim for a temperature between 15 and 20 degrees(source: Sleepfoundation).

Is an electric blanket safe?

Although electric blankets are becoming increasingly popular, many people wonder if they are safe. Many people worry that the blankets are fire-prone. Therefore, it is important to use the blankets properly. Therefore, they must meet certain safety requirements. They are prone to wear and tear, which can lead to short circuits or fires over time. Therefore, follow the fire department ‘s tips for handling these blankets safely:

  • Want to store the electric blanket? Then don’t fold it, but roll up the blanket. Folding can damage electrical wiring, causing short circuits.
  • Don’t use the blanket anymore? If so, always unplug it. In fact, if the plug is left in the socket, it can lead to overheating and fire.
  • Electric blankets last about 7 years. Replace the blanket on time. This is because with old blankets, the wiring gets damaged faster.
  • Place a smoke detector in every room where electric blankets are used. Then, should things go wrong, you can take action in time.

What does an electric blanket consume?

Using an electric blanket instead of turning on the heater: does it really make much difference in terms of cost? The blanket runs on electricity, which means you save on gas consumption. Although the consumption of electric blankets varies, these heat blankets consume an average of 50-60 watts per hour (0.05 to 0.06 kWh).

This means that if you turn on a heating blanket in winter half an hour before you go to sleep, it will cost you about €10 a year. So using an electric blanket is a lot cheaper than heating.


Electric blankets are a useful tool for heating your bed, among other things. Because it consists of wires, the blanket generates heat when current is passed through it.

Although it is convenient to warm your bed, it is not recommended to leave the blanket on while sleeping. In fact, too warm room and body temperatures have a bad impact on our sleep quality. In doing so, it is important to consider fire safety. In fact, an electric blanket, like any other electrical appliance, can lead to short circuits and fires.

Therefore, follow the fire department’s discussed tips. If you carefully consider fire safety and your sleep quality, an electric blanket can certainly be a good way to save on high energy costs. In fact, these blankets consume an average of only 0.05 to 0.06 kWh per hour. A responsible luxury for the sleeper who likes to fall asleep in comfort.

Your body temperature is crucial to a good night’s sleep. Using a heated blanket may interfere with your body’s natural temperature cycle. This in turn will interfere with your sleep as well. Sleeping with an electric blanket is not a good idea.

Using an electric blanket to warm yourself is cheaper than central heating. It simply costs more energy to heat the entire room than just the blanket. You can use an electric blanket to keep yourself warm for cheaper.

Older electric blankets can be a safety hazard, as the internal electrics may get damaged over time. They can pose a fire hazard when the electrics inside are compromised.