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Does a box spring sleep better than a regular bed?

18 Jun, 2023
Jürgen Swinnen

What is a boxspring?

Box springs have been very popular for years in the Netherlands and Belgium, and quietly other European countries are also discovering the advantages of a boxspring bed . They are comfortable, stylish and offer many advantages over a normal bed. Are you considering buying a box spring? Then it is important to take a few things into account. In this article, we take a closer look at what box springs are, why they are so popular and what to look for when buying.

A box spring is a bed base or chassis composed largely of (steel) springs. The name is derived from English, namely box: bin and spring: spring. So it is literally translated a container of feathers . These springs provide increased sleeping comfort. Often, box springs are filled with pocket or bonell springs.

Box springs have become hugely popular in recent years. On the one hand, because this is a typical hotel bed and people look for that vacation bed after a virtuous vacation. And because they can be put together with different colors and materials you can easily customize them to your own style. This way you create a bed that is completely tailored to the mood of your bedroom.

In theory, we mean only the base but in practice the term box spring is used to describe the three layers. Because a mattress and a top cover mattress complete a box spring. However, the mattress does have a major impact on the sleeping comfort of a box spring.

This is because the springy bed base combined with a comfortable box spring mattress provides good support for the entire body. This ensures a good night’s sleep and prevents back and neck pain.

You can also buy a new box spring with a topper or top cover mattress for extra comfort. If you like smooth sleeping then this is a logical choice. If you prefer to lie more firmly, you can perfectly choose a box spring with mattress and omit a top mattress. There are inexpensive box springs and luxury models.

Well-known brands with box springs in collection are: Sleepy, Eastborn, Pullman, Velda, Auping, Hästens, ViSpring, Jensen, EcoLife, Serta, Beka or Nillspring.

Why did box spring beds become so popular?

So the sleeping comfort of a box spring plays a big role in the success of this bed base. However, that is not the only reason for his popularity. In fact, they are also often chosen for their striking appearance. They come in a variety of styles, colors and materials. So you will always find one that fits your interior well.

Box springs also tend to be a lot higher than normal beds. This makes it a lot easier to get in and out of bed. In addition, a box spring is usually more durable than a regular bed. After all, they are built to last. Box springs are also available as electrically adjustable bed bases.

This contributes to a more ergonomic sleep comfort and the optimal support in the lower legs often works very relaxing after a long working day. In that case, choose your box spring extra long in length. Of course, you can also choose a flat version.

What are the advantages of a boxspring bed?

When box springs are made of high-quality materials, they often offer better sleeping comfort than other bed bases. There are some things to look out for when buying a box spring, though. One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a box spring is to assume someone else’s advice.

Perhaps a colleague told you last week how happy he is with his new bed and you can’t wait to purchase the exact same bed. And while this bed may also be the ideal option for you, there’s a good chance you won’t have the same positive experiences with this particular box spring. After all, every body is a little different and therefore needs different support.

Therefore, the chances of you and your colleague needing the exact same bed are quite small. Expert staff at a sleep specialist store will often offer you a choice of different types of box springs, mattresses and toppers. They take into account your height, body weight and body shape.

Do box springs provide more body support?

It is first important to consider which box spring will provide the right body support provides. What body support you need depends on your body shape, body weight, sleeping position and any back and neck problems, among other things. We therefore strongly recommend that you seek expert advice before making a purchase.

Go to a store where you can try out different box springs. Above all, take your time to put together the right bed for you, and you are often assured of professional assembly. You are also often assured of a warranty, and in addition, by shopping locally in your area, you can save a lot of unnecessary travel.

Of course, it is also important to consider the dimensions of the bed . Therefore, first measure the dimensions of the room. Box springs exist in 1-person, think 90×200 or 100×200 or as doubters. A small double size is 140×200 because meanwhile, sizes 160×200 and especially 180×200 are really popular.

Materials of box springs

Finally, it is important to look at the material. You can choose from a wooden or metal frame. Wooden beds tend to be more durable and lighter, while metal frames are sturdier underneath and necessary with electric versions. Box springs are expertly upholstered in upholstery fabrics. These fabrics can also be leather or faux leather materials.

The art of upholstering is a craft, and often you can tell right away if a craftsman has worked on your bed or if you’ve bought a band-aid model. It doesn’t make you sleep better right away but sometimes the eye wants something… right? And yes you pay for that. Also note the mattress that comes with the bed.

Choose a mattress that really suits your sleeping needs. Fortunately, both spring mattresses and full-core mattresses, such as memory foam, fit perfectly on the base of a box spring.

Why should you buy a boxspring bed?

So the popularity of the box spring is due in part to their sleeping comfort and stylish appearance. The springs in the bed base provide good body support, preventing back and neck pain.

Do keep a few things in mind when buying a good box spring. First, always test out a number of options so you can be sure which one is best for you. Also note that you can never fully recreate your sleeping position in a store, so choose a salesperson who is knowledgeable.

Finally, when buying a box spring, it is important to consider the size of your bedroom and the look and feel you have in mind. Fortunately, you can find box springs in all price ranges so put together your box spring and hopefully our tips have been able to help you out!

Box springs can take up more space than a simple bed base or platform bed. They are also more cumbersome to move. Box spring beds, like mattresses, will lose their bounce over time and will require replacement after this has happened.

A box spring bed can be a standalone bed that supports the mattress fully, replacing the standard bed frame. Box springs designed to go on bed frames are also available for those looking for more support or height.

A box spring is a sprung bed base that gives better support to your mattress. It can also help with air circulation which is crucial for bedroom hygiene.